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Shaheen (Sheno) Khal

A Sacramento native with strong ties to the city of Long Beach. Sheno began performing at a young age. A black belt in Karate and a background in acting made his career path clear... Become a Power Ranger. When that didn't work out he turned his focus to comedy and improv, captaining the improv troupe at his high school for 2 years where he tried stand-up comedy for the first time.

During college, Sheno began taking improv and acting classes in Sacramento, which  snowballed into writing and performing stand-up comedy consistently for the past 8 years in both Northern and Southern California. He's performed on comedies biggest stages and worked with respected names in the industry like Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, Finesse Mitchell, and many others. 

While living and going to university in Long Beach, he produced 4 different monthly comedy shows, an hour-long radio show on KBeach 88.1 fm, and began teaching an "Improv for Education" class at CSULB.


He continues to set his sights forward, using his skills as actor/improviser to work with the US Military in handling sexual assault and harassment training with Pure Praxis, a team of actors providing a uniquely immersive  education experience through performance.


On this site, you will see info on upcoming shows and tons of content produced by Sheno Khal. Whether it be music under the rap moniker "Big No", or blogs, videos, and stand-up comedy. I hope they speak to your soul. 

- Shaheen Khal 


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